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I run the tv arm tied WOT on my full manual 47re using the transgo TFOD-3 kit, mine wouldnt shift into 3rd with over 180 psi of line pressure tho. dropping in a 47RH in my 1992 next weekend and need info on the overdrive / torque converter controls. Mine is a V10 w/ 47re so the fix with apps won&39;t work. I then talk about dnr customs tps delet.

how to wire a torque converter lockup switch on a 47rh transmission, Run a 12 volt fused wire that turns on and off with the key to the vacuum switch, then to the center wire on the transmission connector. In the pan, 47re transmission exploded view diagram also find other images like wiring diagram. 3 - Fuse holder, manual switch, oil switch, lock-up plug Fig. My Overdrive stays locked up just fine, Its the 3rd Gear I can’t Keep it locked up in with higher rpms creating a issue to Tow out in the hills and even worse in the winter time. 47re manual lockup switch IIRC i could only get 150 PSI with the arm unhooked. So where is the pressure need to be set at with the TV arm tied WOT?

Lockup seems to have an issue staying locked sometimes. trucks trucknation diesel diesellife farfromstock rollcoal duramax duramaxdiesel liftedtrucks cummins cum. · DIY- Lockup Switch install into Gear Selector Arm. Sonnax 46 47rh Lockup Wiring Diagram 47rh category. i presently have a potentiometer on the dash for my overdrive instead of the TPS. This affects converter charge at idle, causing engine stumble, loss of lube oil flow, overheating and poor performance.

The 46RH / 47RH, 47RH is Included in the Neutral Safety switch. Install the shift linkage to the manual lever on the transmission using the wave washer and hitch pin. Our full manual valve bodies can be used in 47RH/RE or 48RE transmissions. Please subscribe and watch for more videos!

Our Full Manual Features 2nd Gear Lockup (locks torque converter as soon as second gear is manually shifted lockup switch must be on) Locked 4-3 Downshift. When the solenoid is engaged, fluid is applied to the torque converter clutch, creating lockup and a direct link between the engine and transmission. Torque converter lockup on the 700R4 transmission is controlled by the TCC solenoid. 2nd Gear Lockup Capable: Yes (Recommended for street and drag racing), No. A manual lockup switch is used with an exhaust brake or to keep transmission temperatures down while towing uphill. After painting a handful of things we needs to replace some seals.

Command the torque converter to stay locked, stay unlocked, or revert to OEM settings with the BD TorqLoc. You need to mod the 47re manual lockup switch vb for MANUAL 2nd lockup to keep it from going to 3rd. It will do that if you aren&39;t wide open throttle. 12V > Correct operation of lock up switch 47rh PDA View Full Version : Correct operation of lock up switch 47rh. Works for build date of 09-95 and down. Overdrive & Lockup SolenoidRE & 48RE Transmission; Common problem with 47RE & 48RE transmission is to lose Overdrive 4th gear or Lockup of torque converter; Common problem is transmission temp sensor quits working; This solenoid corrects all 3 of these probelms; To replace this solenoid you must remove pan and filter. This is a great how-to article on installing a momentary switch in the gear selector.

The lockup switch to position one for a diesel and the 46RH / Overdrive Solenoid This includes the 31% reduction in RPM. A push-in Transmission Range Sensor was implemented in model year to replace the screw-in Park/Neutral switch. Find Torque Converter Lock up Kits Manual Override Switch Included, 47RE Transmission Type and get Free Shipping on Orders Over at Summit Racing! Sonnax 46 47rh lockup is to get Lockup/OD commands from 300 Maraging AMS 6514 material then remove the circuit bridge into. If 1st through 4th lockup is desired a toggle switch can be added at no extra charge.

I have the capacity and reconfiguring it would take one control lock-up. More 47re Manual Lockup Switch videos. will my present PCM control the overdrive and i simply need a hobbs switch for the lockup or will i need two hobs switches. INTRODUCTION There is no need to drop the pan as everything is installed externally, but you must have a working factory lock-up harness and.

This valve body is capable of lockup in 2nd through 4th or optionally, all forward gears. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN! Please specify if you have a 47RH or 48RE when ordering. · Non-computer controlled automatic transmissions, specifically GM 200-4R and 700-R4 models, use electric solenoids to activate the lock-up feature on the torque convertor.

2 - Oil pressure switch in the 4th gear port. Com - Bringing The BEST Together > Tech Area- Dodge > Dodge Tech > 94-98 2nd Gen. See more results.

Manual Valve • Delayed engagement • No cooler flow in Park • Converter bushing failure • Overheated converter • Forward clutch drags in Park Replace with Sonnax Part No. shifter in D, push lockup in 2nd and convertor locks then truck slams into 3rd way too early. 4-Spool Switch Valve • Lockup shudder • Overheated converter • Low cooler flow • Soft TCC apply.

Refer to link CoPilot Torque Converter Lock-Up Controller KitDodge 48RE. Signals the off toggle switch is a image galleries about dodge transmission will lock up hill and is a local Junior College. The 46RE, 47RE and 48RE transmissions are all four speed fully automatic units with an electronic governor.

518 / 46RH / 47RH three wire Pigtail connector for overdrive and lock-up. if you go to the link it will tell you ever thing you need to know with pic it is a really easy hook up and install Competition Diesel. lockup switch is defeated in manual 2nd gear, only works in D. Lock up switch fordodge 2500. Overdrive and Lockup SolenoidRE & 48RE Transmission Common problem with 47RE & 48RE Transmission is to lose Overdrive 4th gear, or Lockup of torque converter Common problem is transmission temp gauge to quits working. They are equipped with a 47re manual lockup switch lock-up clutch in the torque converter. Installed a switch to lock-up my torque Converter from 2nd gear up!

Torque Converter Lockup Switch for ‘94-’95 Ram The addition and use of a torque converter lockup switch can improve 0 to 60 mph times by 3-5 seconds, improve your ability to stay in higher gear when pulling heavy loads, and improves braking in 3rd and 4th gears when using an exhaust brake. Tighten nut securely and install kick-down linkage and return spring. At the appropriate time, as determined by the TV cable system, an electric signal is passed through a relay to the solenoid that engages the lock-up clutch. The kick-down cable can now be attached to the ball socket. · Hey Mike, I was wondering if you could help figure out my lockup issue on a 98 12v, as i see this is great article but only covered 24v engine with different harness. I drove up a overpass and it downshifted from the increased engine load.

The ATS Co-Pilot transmission controller is recommended for use with light duty pickup trucks with a heavy-duty aftermarket transmission and torque converter package are installed on vehicle. The COMPUSHIFT Mini Overdrive and Torque Converter Lock-Up Kit for Chrysler is a standalone plug-and-play system designed to control the torque converter clutch lockup and the overdrive on Chrysler A500/42RH, A518/46RH 618/47RH transmissions. * Click on Sonnax part numbers to see more information. If putting the switch in the gear selector arm is a bit difficult then try installing it on the steering column cove or some were on the dash board bezel that’s easily reached.

ive got a jasper reman that will do this too. Ensure the wiring harness has some dielectric grease on it and connect. Here is a little video on the mystery/lock-up switch I just installed on my 2nd gen Cummins!

Flip the toggle switch to position one, and the lock-up clutch is engaged, so transmission temperature remains low and the exhaust brake can work with 100% effectiveness (this is a manual setting and should only be selected under light load/light power conditions, such as highway driving). Jump to Latest Follow Status Not open for further replies. This feature is often controlled by the vehicle&39;s computer when certain. There 47re manual lockup switch is no problem with putting a manual lockup switch in your truck even with a stock trans, as long as you drive it respectfully & increase your trans line pressure. So I need to hook back up the pressure gauge and make sure the pressure climbs after lockup. Today we give thevalve Cummins some love!

Ok Got a little more drive time in and it will downshift if it is in overdrive but not after lockup. quantity Add to cart SKU: 79M Categories: 42RE/44RE/42RH/44RH, 46RE / 46RH, 47RE / 47RH / 618, Dodge, newyear, save5 Tags: Electrical - except solenoids, Solenoids. 42RE / 46RE / 47RE / 48RE, Improved Torque Converter Lock-Up Clutch Switch Valve. Be the first to review “PDD 47RE Manual Valve Body” Cancel reply.

4-Spool Switch Valve Bore wear toward the spring end reduces converter release oil. manual switch to lockup torque converter on 47re.

47re manual lockup switch

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