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This manual contains clearly marked cauti ons and warnings which are intended for your 10-1l-0005-2 personal safety and to avoid any unintentional damage to the product or con-nected appliances. manual inversor de frequencia by marceloenderle. 250Vac/2A or 250Vdc/ 25 RO 22 0,4A 26 RO 23 Table 6.

All the power components, including harmonic filtering chokes, are built into one compact and robust unit. Vacon 10-1L,8 7,2 1,1 11,2 MI2. Vacon 10 Machinery的RFI抑制方 式如下表所示: EN标准等级 C1 C2 C3 C4 C4 适用环境 1st (公共电网) 1st (公共电网) 2nd (工业网络) 2nd (工业网络) 2nd (工业网络) Vacon EMC等级 C H L N T Vacon 10 Machinery 208.

O Scribd é o maior site social de leitura e publicação do mundo. 1 动力电缆 注意动电力电缆的拧紧转矩是 0. 480 V 选件 标配内置 标配内置 选件 拆除EMC. 2: Vacon 10 General purpose application default I/O configuration and connections for API FULL version P) = Programmable function, see parameter lists and descriptions, chapters 8 and 9. 1,7 2,4 2,8 3,7 4,8 7,0 11. PDF - vacon 10-1l-0005-2 manual Free download as PDF File (.

Vacon China 电话:小时支持热线 com 13 VACON 安装 3. Vacon 10 series AC Frequency Inverter for 1. Although extremely compact in size, the VACON® 20 is packed with functionality to help improve system performance and cost efficiency. The manual has the same structure than the menu of the drive (chapters 1 and 4-8). Simple to set-up and converts single phase 230V input to three phase 230V for a standard AC Induction motor. Nominal Mechaniinput current cal size A 2,7 3,5 3,8 4,3 6,8 8,4 13,4. Vacon 10 tehoalueet Verkko- ja moottorijänniteV, 50/60 Hz, 1~ sarja Kuormitettavuus Taajuusmuuttajan tyyppi 100% jatkuva nim. 24-hour support• Email: safety vacon • 1 24-hour support• Email: SAFETY ONLY A COMPETENT ELECTRICIAN IS ALLOWED TO CARRY OUT THE ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION!

Fast installation and set-up are possible due to easy-access terminals, integral DIN rail mounting and the parameter copying tool which can clone settings without needing mains power. 10 +10V A IV GND. Vacon 10-1L,0 10,5 1,5 14,1 MI2. MI1 MI1 MI1 MI2 MI2 MI2 MI3. pdf), Text File vacon 10-1l-0005-2 manual (.

240 V Vacon 10 Machinery 380. current IN A Vacon 10-1L-0001-2 Vacon 10-1L-0002-2 Vacon 10-1L-0003-2 Vacon 10-1L-0004-2 Vacon 10-1L-0005-2 Vacon 10-1L-0007-2 Vacon 10-1L-0011-2. ciągły I N A 150% prąd. virta IN A Vacon 10-1LVacon 10-1LVacon 10-1LVacon 10-1LVacon 10-1LVacon 10-1LVacon 10-1L* 1,7 2,4 2,8 3,7 4,8 7,0 9,6 Moottorin. txt) or read online for free. 6 Nm 3~ (400V) 1~ (230V) Motor out 剥除塑料电 缆外皮 360*接地 MAINS MOTOR 图 3. • FaxVACON • 27 TECHNICKÉ ÚDAJE Napětí sítěV, 50/60 Hz, 3~ fáze Typ frekvenčního měniče Vacon 10-3L-0001-4 Vacon 10-3L-0002-4 Vacon 10-3L-0003-4 Vacon 10-3L-0004-4 Vacon 10-3L-0005-4 Vacon 10-3L-0006-4 Vacon 10-3L-0008-4 Vacon 10-3L-0009-4 Vacon 10-3LJmenovité. Znamionowa przeciążalność.

250Vac/2A or 250Vdc/ 25 RO 22 0,4A 26 RO 23 Table 6. 20 = API LIMITED. In this manual, you can read about the functions of the VACON® AC drive and how to use the drive. Os componentes da unidade de potência do conversor de freqüência ficam sob tensão quando o Vacon 10 é ligado à rede. É extremamente perigoso entrar em contato com esta tensão, uma vez que pode provocar morte ou lesões corporais graves. Size MI2 - 90mm Wide x 101.

VACON® 100 X features highly advanced control capability for almost all kinds of applications where a decentralized and robust solution is the best option. 5mm Deep x 195mm high. 5HP) 230V 3 Phase motor in VxF or Sensorless Vector control to 4. Napięcie zasilaniaV, 50/60 Hz, 3~ Typ przemiennika. 2 电缆与接线 3. DPD00033A Users Manual - Free download as PDF File (. This manual contains clearly marked cauti ons and warnings which are intended for your personal safety and to avoid any unintentional damage to the product or con-nected. Vacon 10-1L* 9,6 14,4 2,2 15,8 MI3 *Maksymalna temperatura pracy dla Vacon 10-1L-0009-2 wynosi +40°C.

Vacon 10 I/O terminals: A I2 GND GND DI4 DI5 DI6 AO DO.

Vacon 10-1l-0005-2 manual

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